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Raritan Change Management Solution

Moves-Adds-Changes made easy
IssueWithout DCIMWith DCIM

How do I manage the work, such as changes, adds and moves?  Are there approval processes?

Who does the work?

How do I know the work is done correctly?

Delays in processing work orders

Inability to ensure processes are followed

Fully integrated workflow management including automation of work orders and workflow activities for process assurance, tracking and auditing trails.

How do you manage moves, adds, and changes in your data center? How do you monitor the progress and productivity of change orders? How do you ensure the job is done with quality and on time?

It is no secret that data center operations are more complex than ever. There’s a constant stream of devices being added, removed, repurposed and reassigned at any given moment. And until now, it’s been challenging and cumbersome to quickly provide answers to these important questions.

With Raritan's Change Management Solution you can better manage change within your data center by optimizing your current operations, assets and infrastructure.  In doing so our DCIM software enables you to maintain best practices and improve operational efficiencies.

Raritan’s dcTrack® DCIM software provides powerful and intelligent tools for workflow automation.  The solution enables you to generate change requests, automate device moves, and maintain a complete audit trail of requests and work orders for compliance.