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A meeting of minds - technical excellence at Kao Data London One
The transparency of both Legrand and Datalec in working with Kao Data highlighted a potential issue around the manufacturing and delivery of the cabinets. All three organisations worked together to finalise the bespoke cabinet design, aware that this needed to be completed to a deadline in order to ensure that the cabinets could be manufactured and delivered on site ahead of the factory’s summer shutdown. In actual fact, the order was delivered to Kao Data three days ahead of the deadline.
Sevel’s data center forms basis for daily production of 1,200 commercial vehicles
Legrand Data Center Solutions’ proposal included power supply, the equipment’s electronic protection, racks, air-conditioning systems, monitoring and structured wiring solutions. This allowed the team to reduce implementation times – without ever having to compromise. The idea was to create two mirror data centers, with balanced loads – capable of guaranteeing the correct operation of the production lines even if one of them was not performing correctly. An objective reached respecting all the technical requirements which characterize the Ced with the highest level of reliability possible today.
With its all-new data center, RATP is looking to the future
Legrand succeeded in winning over the investor with its airflow management know-how. The cooling for the data center is provided by a cooling system linked to an air handling unit (AHU). Ultimately, the hot air produced by the servers will be used to provide some of the heating at the maintenance center of an RATP metro line close to the data center. The urbanization project is comprised of 24 corridors. “The tightly sealed front panel of the Legrand cabinets allows us to optimize airflow and regulate the air conditioning using the differential pressure calculation (delta P), which is a big plus”, explains Christian Dubut, Data Center Manager at RATP.
Legrand wins ‘Internal Security Forces’ (ISF) tender with local partner
ISF praise the ease of installation of the Legrand Data Center Solutions products compared to other brands: “Legrand has become an important player in the field of complete data center solutions. The challenge was to provide the best service and commissioning. This went smoothly and successfully – with a minimal need for technical support – resulting in an ongoing partnership with DCS SAL and a very satisfied customer.”
CEO explains why Nexpand was the logical choice
“The people at Legrand really had to convince us; we certainly didn’t make things easy for them. But it’s a solid company with production in Europe, which means good lead times – and that’s crucial for us. They listened carefully to our wants and needs, and custom-built the racks in line with our requirements. As the first customer for this solution we’re also serving as a pilot project to some extent, but we always give lots of feedback to all our suppliers so that we can improve together. The implementation went fine apart from a couple of mini teething troubles, and the platform is now fully up and running.”
Yahoo! Japan steigert die Leistung seiner Dienstleistungsinfrastruktur mittels intelligenter PDUs von Raritan
Yahoo! JAPAN hat die intelligenten PX Rack Power Distribution Units (iPDUs) von Raritan in seine Rechenzentren für eine Echtzeit-Überwachung des Stromverbrauchs eingeführt, um rasch Entscheidungen über etwaige zusätzliche Server und Racks treffen zu können. Mit der Überwachung des Stromverbrauchs in Echtzeit ist das Unternehmen zudem in der Lage, den Zustand seiner Rechenzentren im Blick zu behalten.
Energiemanagement-Programm für die Labore von Cisco
Netzwerk-Ausrüster Cisco Systems konnte mindestens 9 Mio. US-Dollar pro Jahr an Stromkosten durch die Implementierung eines umfassenden Energie-Management-Programms in mehr als 1.600 seiner Labore in der ganzen Welt erzielen.
Energieverbrauchs- und Verfahrensoptimierung in einem Rechenzentrum
eBay ist eine der weltgrößten Internet-Commerce-Plattformen und stellt höchste Anforderungen an die Zuverlässigkeit von Rechenzentren. Von Ausfallzeiten sind Transaktionen mit über 2000 USD/Sekunde betroffen. Das für Rechenzentren verantwortliche globale Team muss gleichzeitig die Betriebszeit und die Flexibilität gewährleisten und dabei die Kosten niedrig halten – eine komplexe Herausforderung, die ein stetes Maß an Innovation voraussetzt.
Raritans Lösung für Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) verwaltet sechs Rechenzentren von British Airways
British Airways (BA) ist eine globale Full-Service-Fluggesellschaft mit einem umfangreichen Streckennetz, die von ihren Heimatflughäfen Heathrow und Gatwick zahlreiche regionale und internationale Flughäfen anfliegt. Seit der Fusion mit Iberia zur IAG Group ist British Airways die drittgrößte Fluggesellschaft der Welt.
Modernisierung des Rechenzentrums von J.R. Simplot
Als Teil einer Modernisierung des Rechenzentrums wollte die IT-Abteilung von J.R. Simplot die Rack-Dichte erhöhen, um somit in der Lage zu sein, Fehler in der IT-Ausrüstung schneller zu beseitigen und Systeme einzurichten, um möglichen Risiken zu begegnen.

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