The True Power of an Intelligent PDU:


Simplify Rack Setup and Management

Data centers need to be agile when it comes to setup and management of their complex IT hardware. Having the most flexibility in deployment and management is vital when commissioning new or existing PDUs. This ensures that they stay up and running while also being reliable and cost-effective.

PDU Deployment

Become More Efficient in PDU Deployment

With recent developments in technology, Intelligent PDUs offer multiple solutions to simplify rack setup and management of hundreds or even thousands of PDUs. This not only saves you time, but it can be done with or without a network, making it incredibly convenient.

So, deploying and configuring new IT hardware in your data center doesn’t need to be a nightmare. Say goodbye to the days of setting your PDUs up one at a time.

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Configure PDUs Remotely

Zero Touch Configuration

Intelligent PDUs offer several different methods for mass deployment and configuration. When you have an existing network in your data center, zero touch configuration is the best way to configure hundreds or even thousands of PDUs.

Zero Touch configuration works by coordinating a TFTP and DHCP server to automatically push a pre-determined configuration to a PDU with a network connection. This can be scaled to an entire data center, allowing PDUs to be setup with the exact settings desired without interacting with each device.

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Plug and Deploy

USB Configuration

Another popular option for mass deployment and configuration of your Intelligent PDUs is through USB flash drives. This method works best and most efficiently when there is no network present.

It simply requires the user to upload a file with settings on a USB Flash drive. By using several USB sticks, a single person can set up hundreds of rack PDUs in a single afternoon.

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Connect Your PDUs

Cascading PDU Controllers

The concept of cascading or daisy chaining has evolved drastically in recent years. Daisy chaining is a wiring scheme in which multiple devices are wired together in sequence or in a ring. In reference to a PDU, this would be by network connection.

By cascading your Intelligent PDUs , you can reduce the number of IP drops to each individual rack, saving on cables and wiring. Using either the USB or Ethernet connections on the PDUs will create additional room, freeing up crucial ports on the patch panel.

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The True Power of an Intelligent PDU

When it comes to setup and management of your Intelligent PDUs, there are several different methods available. Raritan offers the most flexible options to meet the needs of any user, ensuring your data center stays up and running.

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