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Service Management Made Simple for Midsize Organizations

Fortune 1000 companies have traditionally led the way in IT best practices. By comparison, midsize businesses (MSBs) tend to be more conservative in their approach. The challenge for them is how to make it simple. Implementing service management at an MSB does not have to be a huge nor expensive undertaking. In this white paper, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) discusses an approach specifically for midtier companies based on Raritan’s CommandCenter® management products – CommandCenter NOC and CommandCenter Secure Gateway.

ESP Is Not Free: Look to KVM over IP for Efficient Data Center Control

Embedded service processors free? Not so fast. To use the features you really need, you typically pay additional licensing costs. Plus, KVM over IP features lower TCO, multivendor support, enhanced security and flexible user management, among other cost savings.

Virtualization and Data Center Management

Virtualization presents a tremendous opportunity for IT organizations. Yet deployment involves major process and management complexities. Our new white paper outlines best-practice methodologies that help you tackle challenges brought on by virtualization. We also suggest key questions to ask when evaluating a consolidated management solution.

A New Dimension in IT Infrastructure Management: Integrated KVM and Serial Console System

As large, multiplatform, heterogeneous IT infrastructures proliferate, data centers have become ever more complex. Advances in remote management hardware and software now aggregate access to KVM, serial, and power control devices under a single platform, providing logical and physical views of IT assets. Browser-based access allows administrators to work from any Internet-connected PC. This white paper describes how today’s KVM and serial console control tools can help companies meet the IT management challenge.

Understanding Remote Server Management in Small and Midsize Server Rooms and Data Centers

In November 2005, Computerworld surveyed its small business subscribers on IT infrastructure and server management issues. The goal of the survey was to better understand the challenges of remote server management in smaller organizations. The survey was commissioned by Raritan, with data gathered and tabulated independently by Computerworld Research. This white paper presents the top-line results of the survey.

Best Practices When Enabling Smart Card Authentication in a KVM System

While many organizations have employed smart card identification to enhance their physical security infrastructure, data centers in particular can benefit greatly from the two-factor authentication that a smart card inherently provides to the logical realm. When seeking a smart card-enabled KVM system, choose not only a solution that fulfills the basic requirement of supporting PKI authentication to multiple servers from a single location, but also one that makes the necessary KVM feature adjustments to enable seamless use of the reader. Finally, it should adhere to industry standards to ensure that security thresholds are met.

Server Room Solutions: How small to midsize IT businesses can make their budgets appear larger

Managers of small and midsize IT departments must deliver uninterrupted service 24/7. Undersized budgets, bare bones staff, increasingly complex infrastructures and miniature workspaces are all part of the equation they’re expected to solve. But there’s a danger in this juggling act, and even the most skillful managers are vulnerable.

Open RMSP - You Control Your Management Solution

Raritan is committed to providing real value in open standards-based IT management. To support that commitment, we created this paper to increase understanding about DASH and the OpenRMSP project.

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