Environment Sensors

Environment Sensors

Plug-and-Play Data Center Sensors

Raritan’s sensors are deployed as plug-and-play options for PX intelligent rack PDUs, EMX rack controllers, PX inline meters and branch circuit monitors eliminating the need for a separate controller. Environment data is instantly sent to Raritan’s DCIM software.  A simple web-based interface allows data center managers to see real-time environment data and report trends over time. Raritan environment sensors enable data center managers to:

  • Ensure uptime by monitoring racks for potential hot spots.
  • Save on cooling by confidently raising data center temperatures.
  • Maintain cabinet security with contact closure sensors.
  • Improve data center availability by receiving environment alerts.
  • Make strategic decisions on cooling design and containment.
  • Set thresholds and alerts to monitor onsite or remote facilities.


Maintain Optimal Temperature

Use temperature information to optimize the cooling system and raise the ambient temperature to save energy with confidence that you won’t overheat sensitive IT equipment.

Keep Your Humidity In Check

Maintain proper humidity levels and avoid electrostatic discharge (ESD) problems when humidity is low and condensation problems when humidity is high.

Maintain Optimal Pressure

Identify air pressure differences that could lead to hot aisle/cold aisle partition leaks, and cut off unnecessary air flow to save energy.

Detect Water Leaks

Detect if there is a water leak from external sources or from pipes in a water-cooled rack. Also works with 50% glycol mixture.

Monitor and Manage Airflow

Monitor flow rates of cooling and hot air return to ensure cooling and containment systems are functioning optimally.

Secure Your Cabinets

Use a contact closure sensor to trigger an event such as taking a webcam picture when a cabinet door is opened.

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