Dominion KX User Station

Dominion KX User Station



The Dominion® KX User Stations are standalone appliances for high performance IP access to servers connected to Dominion® KX III & KX IV switches, access via RDP, VNC & SSH, along with optional CommandCenter integration. They can sit on a desk, be mounted in a standard 19” rack, or VESA-mounted on the back of a monitor. Deploy it using standard Cat5 cabling and Ethernet/IP technology. Simultaneously access, view, and control multiple servers, spread across one, two, or three monitors. Gain web-based remote control of User Stations connected to wall monitors in studios and control rooms.

There are two Dominion User Stations. The original Dominion KX III User Station is recommended for use with the KX III, one or two monitors and servers up to 1080p. The new, high performance Dominion KX IV User Station is recommended for use with the Dominion KX IV-101, higher video resolutions up to 4K, larger numbers of KVM sessions and up to 3 monitors.

The Dominion User Stations can replace outdated analog matrix switches, supplement inflexible broadcast systems or be deployed anywhere hassle-free IP access is needed. They are perfect for broadcast, labs, studios, control rooms, offices, and data centers. The User Station now integrates with CommandCenter to support centralized login and access for large deployments.

High Performance User Appliances

  • Two Powerful Intel-based platforms
  • Two 1080p streaming video sessions at 30 FPS with 50 miliseconds of latency
  • Ultra-fast connections and sub-second switching with the non-blocking DKX3-808 model
  • Supports VGA, DVI, HDMI & DisplayPort video
  • Self-contained, low maintenance appliance
  • Support 4K video with the DKX4-101 and KX IV User Station

Productive and Powerful User Interface

  • Supports one, two or three monitors
  • 8 or more simultaneous IP connections
  • Scan & monitor servers
  • Full Screen mode
  • Favorites and hot-key switching
  • Virtual media and USB audio
  • Matrix server view
  • Productive Window Management. Save & amp; Restore Window Layouts

Flexible and Easy to Deploy

  • Flexible dual LAN or WAN access
  • Use corporate and/or separate LAN
  • Connects with Cat5 cabling
  • Access hundreds of servers and devices
  • PC/Laptop access also available
  • Desktop, rack & VESA mountable
  • CommandCenter for centralized login and access
  • Support for RDP, VNC, VMware virtual machines, web links and SSH connections

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Dominion KX III User Station

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