Intelligent Asset Tags and Sensors

Intelligent Asset Tags and Sensors

Data Center Asset Management

Raritan's Asset Management Tags (AMTs) and Asset Management Sensors (AMSs), provide data center operators an accurate, automated, real-time inventory of all IT assets and their locations, down to the 1U level.

Integrates with data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software to easily track assets, determine capacity in a number of areas, and manage adds, moves, or changes.

In addition to physical security at the rack, Raritan offers other intelligent rack solutions that monitor and deliver information you need for continued uptime.

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Intelligent Asset Tags and Sensors


Easily Locate Your IT Assets

Each Asset Management Tag has a unique ID chip and barcode that identify stored asset information.

Track Your Assets in Real-Time

Easily and securely attach the AMT to the IT device and track assets as they are moved to other locations.

Quickly See the State of All Assets

Customizable RGB color LEDs to indicate a variety of states or tasks such as flashing for a server maintenance request, or a solid green LED for production devices.

Raritan DCIM Integration

Integrates with Raritan’s data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions and automatically provides the IT asset ID information and rack location.

Additional Features

Multi-colored LED's

User configurable colored LEDs, solid or flashing to provide at the rack indication on the status of all assets. 1 LED per 1U of rack space.

Simple Installation

Magnetically mount the Asset Management Strip to existing racks, no need to reconfigure equipment.

Asset Database

Raritan’s DCIM software stores device info like: item type, function, administrator, port location, etc. as well as any custom fields unique to a particular device.

Works with EMX and PX

Plug and play with Raritan’s EMX smart rack controller and PX intelligent rack PDU's.

3rd party software

The SNMP interface can be used by any third-party software to read asset tag IDs, physical location, get TRAPS for events, and set LED colors per U space.

Available in 4 sizes

Options for different height racks with models for 42U, 45U, 48U and 54U racks.

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