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Measuring Power in your Data Center

There are many ways power has been allocated, estimated, and sometimes measured in data centers. This white paper will discuss the reasons why data center power should be measured, where power consumption should be measured, what to do with the data once it is gathered, and some of the new technologies available.

Data Center Power Distribution and Capacity Planning

Managing power is critical. But where do you start? Raritan and PTS Data Center Solutions developed this white paper that examines the myths and realities of power measurement. Learn what instrumentation helps calculate your data center power efficiency and how to set standards to align with the Green Grid.

Power Distribution Units (PDUs): Power Monitoring and Environmental Monitoring

It’s more important than ever for IT and facility managers to focus on challenges like monitoring power consumption, managing power at the rack and data center cooling. But what are the most efficient methods to meet these challenges? This white paper explores how intelligent rack PDUs can address these critical uptime and capacity planning issues.

Data Center Power Overload Protection: Circuit breakers and branch circuit protection

Average power consumption per server is on the rise. Data centers racks are becoming more densely packed with power-hungry IT equipment. To meet the need for additional power, data center managers must deploy PDUs that handle higher voltages and currents. This white paper examines new rack PDU certification requirements and why data center managers should seriously consider replacing fused rack PDUs with ones that have the latest UL Listed UL 489 circuit breakers.

Data Center Transformations

Implementing an effective Build Out, Consolidation and Acquisition (BOCA) project requires progress through five basic stages: assess, plan, build, stabilize and optimize. This white paper discusses each of the five stages and how the right remote access and IT infrastructure management tools will dramatically improve overall efficiency.

The Distributed Enterprise: Remote Access and Management of IT Infrastructure

For IT managers, remote offices can cause any number of headaches. Fortunately, Raritan offers a variety of solutions easing the fallout of the control, security and budgetary issues involved in remote management. Our white paper, The Distributed Enterprise: Remote Access and Management of IT Infrastructure, we examine and analyze the increases in uptime and security provided by out-of-band access and control tools.

The Role of Remote Management in Assuring IT Infrastructure Uptime

Maximizing systems uptime is paramount in most IT organizations. Implementing remote management solutions can provide dramatic savings in operational expenses, along with faster MTTR, increased ROI and overall IT uptime. Learn how you can realize the benefits of remote management solutions in this white paper from EMA.

Service Management Made Simple for Midsize Organizations

Fortune 1000 companies have traditionally led the way in IT best practices. By comparison, midsize businesses (MSBs) tend to be more conservative in their approach. The challenge for them is how to make it simple. Implementing service management at an MSB does not have to be a huge nor expensive undertaking. In this white paper, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) discusses an approach specifically for midtier companies based on Raritan’s CommandCenter® management products – CommandCenter NOC and CommandCenter Secure Gateway.

ESP Is Not Free: Look to KVM over IP for Efficient Data Center Control

Embedded service processors free? Not so fast. To use the features you really need, you typically pay additional licensing costs. Plus, KVM over IP features lower TCO, multivendor support, enhanced security and flexible user management, among other cost savings.

Virtualization and Data Center Management

Virtualization presents a tremendous opportunity for IT organizations. Yet deployment involves major process and management complexities. Our new white paper outlines best-practice methodologies that help you tackle challenges brought on by virtualization. We also suggest key questions to ask when evaluating a consolidated management solution.

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