PX Intelligent Rack PDUs

Intelligent PDUs for Remote Power Management

Raritan intelligent PDUs (iPDUs) make remote power management fast, simple, flexible, and secure. Unlike basic PDUs which require you to be physically present in your data center, intelligent PDUs can be managed from afar over a secure network. Manage a single PDU or groups of PDUs simultaneously. Here are a few features that make Raritan iPDUs perfect for enterprise data centers, colo and lights out deployments.

Receive Advanced Alerts

Users can define thresholds and receive alerts via SNMP, email, and syslog when thresholds are crossed for both power and environmental events. This simple features may prevent unplanned downtime by warning data center managers when a rack is about to exceed its load and provide the opportunity to move applications elsewhere.

Sampling and Buffering

End users can choose the frequency at which they monitor power and the amount of data they gather to fine tuning power visibility. Moreover, when using DCIM Monitoring Software, users can be assured that their polling data is stored for up to two hours should the network ever go down. This allows data centers to keep accurate historical records for trend analysis.

Secure and Encrypted

With Raritan iPDUs there’s no need to worry that you’re putting yourself at risk so long as you take the time to understand and properly configure your security options. Directory services support provide advanced authorization options, including user or group permissions. There’s also support for LDAP/S, RADIUS, and Active Directory®. Additionally, 256-bit AES encryption and strong passwords keep your iPDUs safe from unauthorized intruders.

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