New Raritan Cable Standards: LSOH

Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH)

With the increased demand for safety in public areas and buildings, contractors are now being advised to install materials that are non-hazardous to members of the public in case of fire.

It is now understood that smoke and poisonous fumes can be a greater risk to lives than that of fire alone. The biggest issue is the full understanding of what is a true low smoke halogen free cable (LSHF, LSZH, LSOH)? To be assured you are buying a cable that will offer security during fire, it must pass 3 tests pertaining to halogen content, low smoke density and flame propagation, and 3 IEC norms must be compelled with to obtain the LS0H certification:

• IEC60332 : Flame propagation
• IEC60754 : Smoke Acidity
• IEC61034 : Smoke emission

Raritan’s range of low smoke halogen free cables are stringently tested to IEC and VDE standards to ensure peace of mind when installing these cables where human life or valuable property are exposed to a high risk of fire hazards.

Raritan standardized its cable for EMEA on LSOH technology for the following PDU configurations:

LSOH Standard on PX3 Models:
1Ph 32A
3Ph 16A & 32A. (See list Below)

LSOH is only present for inlet cable and does not concern internal wiring.

For all models outside of these configurations, LSOH cable options are available, contact Raritan Sales to know more.

Sample List of PX3 models with standard LSOH Cable:


PX3-1135A1U-E2N1Q1V2 PX3-4917-V2 PX3-5668NU-E2M5  
PX3-1032 PX3-4917V-N3V2 PX3-5668U-E2M5  
PX3-1075R-H4N1 PX3-5012 PX3-5668U-E2M5C6  
PX3-1133U-E2H4N1 PX3-5016 PX3-5668U-M5V2  
PX3-1135U-E2N1Q1V2 PX3-5016A1-G1 PX3-5668V-M5V2  
PX3-1144U-E2H4N1C5 PX3-5016A3-G1 PX3-5668X-G1M5O1  
PX3-1260N-M5N1 PX3-5025N-M5 PX3-5703-F9M10  
PX3-1260N-N1 PX3-5025N-M5N1 PX3-5705N-E2G1M5C6  
PX3-1260R-E2 PX3-5028A1-E2V2 PX3-5722U-V2  
PX3-1266N-E2M5 PX3-5028A3-E2V2 PX3-5722V  
PX3-1440R PX3-5040U-V2 PX3-5722V-M5  
PX3-1486-M5 PX3-5089V PX3-5730A1-E2G1  
PX3-1488V-H4M5 PX3-5156A1-E2G1V2 PX3-5730A1-G1  
PX3-1528-M5P1 PX3-5156A3-E2G1V2 PX3-5730A3-E2G1  
PX3-1648V-V4 PX3-5190CR PX3-5730A3-G1  
PX3-1699U-E2N1 PX3-5190CR-Q1 PX3-5730-M5  
PX3-1703 PX3-5190NR-M5 PX3-5730-M5V2  
PX3-1722NV-M5 PX3-5190R PX3-5730N-M5  
PX3-1722-V2 PX3-5190R-E2 PX3-5730N-M5V2  
PX3-1730-M5 PX3-5190R-M5 PX3-5730V  
PX3-1730-M5C6 PX3-5227-F4M5 PX3-5730-V2  
PX3-1730NV-V2 PX3-5260R PX3-5730V-V2  
PX3-1730U PX3-5260V PX3-5732-M5  
PX3-1730-V2 PX3-5260V-F8 PX3-5732V-F5  
PX3-1730V-V2 PX3-5270-F4M5 PX3-5807  
PX3-1732 PX3-5440CR PX3-5807-E1  
PX3-1732-E2M5 PX3-5440R PX3-5872N-M5  
PX3-1732-M5 PX3-5440V PX3-5872XV-E2M5P1V2  
PX3-1732N-E2M5 PX3-5440V-M5 PX3-5909U-E2M5N1V2  
PX3-1751V-F8C6 PX3-5486V-M5 PX3-5911U  
PX3-1872U-E2P1Q1V2 PX3-5487C-E2 PX3-5917U-M5V2  
PX3-3162-M5 PX3-5487V PX3-5917-V2N3  
PX3-3170 PX3-5487V-N2 PX3-5917V-M5V2  
PX3-3170-M5 PX3-5514U PX3-5917V-V2  
PX3-3172-M5 PX3-5516 PXE-1966  
PX3-3211 PX3-5516V    
PX3-3270 PX3-5516V-M5    
PX3-3411 PX3-5518V    
PX3-4190CR PX3-5518V-M5    
PX3-4264X2 PX3-5528    
PX3-4440CR PX3-5528-M11    
PX3-4528V PX3-5528-M5    
PX3-4528V-V2 PX3-5528N-M5    
PX3-4528XV PX3-5528V    
PX3-4530V-N1 PX3-5528V-V2    
PX3-4607X-V2 PX3-5528X    
PX3-4730-M5C6 PX3-5530N    
PX3-4730YU PX3-5530V    
PX3-4909YV-V2 PX3-5648N-E2G1M5C6    
PX3-4912N-V2 PX3-5668N-G1M5O1    


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