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Development and Test Labs

Efficient computer-based development and test labs are essential to companies who must continuously introduce innovative new products into the marketplace. To succeed, labs managers must overcome severe challenges to access and configure lab equipment and automate systems while continuing to decrease energy costs. Learn how Raritan helps the world’s most innovative companies increase their productivity resulting in faster time-to-market.

Management and Wireless in the Data Center

Raritan and Wi-Fi access point vendor Xirrus have created a white paper which presents a sophisticated wireless monitoring and management solution for data centers. There are numerous advantages to using Wi-Fi for data center infrastructure management (DCIM) instead of hardwired Ethernet connections. Ethernet requires additional cabling, switches, rack space and more. In fact in many cases a complete Wi-Fi solution costs less than just the cost of pulling cables for Ethernet.

Remote Access and Control SIPRNet Solution

To ensure the secure transmission of classified and secret information, the U.S. Government has mandated that beginning in April, 2013 all access to military, intelligence, and other agency classified systems will require the use of a limited-access computer network Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) token. Learn how KVM solutions provide secure, high-speed remote access and control of multiple classified systems and meet the mandate.

Data Center Moves

With the many changes that will take place during a data center move including updating inventory records and defining new space and power requirements, a tool that will help guide your new site’s growth, provide information to enable informed decisions on capacity and asset placement, and help keep your new data center healthy from day one is a must. Learn how DCIM can help in your new data center.

Avocent DSR Integration for a Smooth Migration to Raritan

With Raritan’s Dominion KX II and CommandCenter Secure Gateway (CC-SG) integration capabilities, Data Center Administrators and Lab Mangers can access the servers and PCs controlled by both Avocent DSR and Raritan’s Dominion KX II switches from a single Raritan solution.

dcTrack Full Power Chain and Network Connection Management

Despite the overall increase in data center capability, managers are often asked to improve uptime and capacity utilization. In order to safely meet these demands, full power chain and network connection management must be leveraged.

Kiosk Remote Server Management

Businesses that use kiosks such as ATMs to serve their customers have many unique support and maintenance challenges. To ensure that ATMs are secure and available 24/7 – security, energy, environmental and visual controls are all necessary. Learn how Raritan’s solution can help.


In order to accommodate weekend shutdowns while maintaining efficiency and minimizing costs, lab managers are increasingly relying on remote management options. To do so, they require tools that offer reliability and security, while enabling automation, scheduling and power management – Raritan’s Lab Server Management Solution provides exactly that.


The demands of broadcast programming require 24/7 access to playlists and content, without exception. When on-site IT staff is not a possibility and physical space is limited, remote access management provides an ideal solution. To centralize management and gain out-of-band remote access to critical IT resources, look no further than Raritan’s Remote Broadcast Server Management and Control Solution.

Remote Management and Control for Business Continuity

Data centers are susceptible to a wide variety of disasters, attributable to human error, system breakdowns and other factors. In these instances, secure remote access and control are essential to minimizing fallout. Raritan’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions offer IT managers the tools to quickly access and recover virtually any server.

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