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Leveraging Raritan KVM-over-IP Switches to Consolidate and Manage Complexity in Healthcare

Today, interest in remote monitoring and access for hospitals is growing, and leading the way is Raritan KVM Remote Access & Control. With our remote-access inter-process communication, doctors, nurse stations, and IT staff can monitor and manage wards and computer rooms, without traveling or making in-person visits, improving worker safety during pandemic lockdowns. Let KVM add value to your hospital.


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To deliver superior patient care, increase productivity, and improve operations, hospitals and healthcare facilities are turning to remote management. Accessing equipment and devices remotely to improve business outcomes is not new. Remote monitoring and access have proven useful for many industries.

And many healthcare facilities adopted remote products and services when pandemic-fueled lockdowns made it difficult —or impossible— to travel.

Unlike the existing high-cost, closed alternatives, Raritan provides economical KVM-over-IP switches that leverage today’s Ethernet and TCP/IP networks to provide anytime, anywhere remote access, control, and management for patient monitoring and test equipment..

Doctors, nurse stations, technicians and IT staff can monitor and manage healthcare equipment in hospital rooms, test centers and computer rooms, without traveling or making in-person visits, improving patient care, staff productivity, and safety. Our products can also support centralized monitoring of medical devices, remote IT management and troubleshooting, healthcare software integration and work-from-home access.

What’s more, KVM allows you to upgrade legacy healthcare equipment for remote management and monitoring, without impacting your existing healthcare devices.

As the market leader in KVM-over-IP solutions, with over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, we help organizations of all sizes get the most from remote monitoring and access. So, you can be confident in the performance, reliability and security of our solutions.

For superior patient care, response, increased productivity and reduced costs, let Raritan KVM add value to your hospital or healthcare facility.

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