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LX II Combination LCD Drawer and KVM-over-IP Switch

Posted on October 6, 2020 by Gento

Economical Remote Management and At-the-Rack Access in a Single Product!

Do you need web-based, remote management of computer and networking equipment?   Do you also need at-the-rack access of computer equipment?    And would you like an economical, easy-to-use product that can do both?

If so, Raritan’s Dominion LX II – LED combination LX II KVM Switch and T1700-LED LCD drawer models can do all of that and more!

The LX II – LED is the perfect product for today’s environment with many people working from home, but some starting to go back to their labs, server rooms or data centers.  Still others will be working from home, but also go into work on an as needed basis.  The LX II -LED by providing at-the-rack access, together with Java-free, KVM-over-IP remote management supports both cases, in a convenient, 1U unit.

How did we design the LX II – LED?  Basically, the LX II – LED is an integrated (or combination) unit consisting of these two popular Raritan products:

•    The Dominion LX II, our economical KVM-over-IP switches for SMB’s
•    Raritan’s 17” T1700-LED LCD Console Drawer

Physically, the Dominion LX II Switch is mounted inside of the back of the T1700-LED drawer.  Both the switch and the drawer share a common power supply.  The overall unit only takes up 1U.  

The local VGA and USB ports of the Dominion LX II switch are connected internally to the T1700-LED.    Connect the 8 or 16 ports on the back of the unit to PC’s, Servers and workstations using any supported Dominion CIM (server dongle).  You can also connect 2 or 4 serially-managed devices using the Dominion Serial Access Modules (DSAM).

When you turn the Dominion LX II – LED on, you will see the LX II User Interface on the screen.   The LX II supports up to 1920x1080 @60hz (1080p) video resolution.  You can use the User Interface to administer the unit.  Or use it to switch to any connected computer and control it locally.  Or switch back and forth and do both!

Remotely you can connect via web browser over your network to the computers connected to your Dominion LX II Switch using its IP address or hostname.  The LX II – LED supports the same features as the regular LX II switch models.

There are three LX II – LED models:

DLX2-108-LED - 8 servers,1 remote user, 1 local connection
DLX2-116-LED - 16 servers, 1 remote user, 1 local connection 
DLX2-216-LED - 2 servers, 2 remote users, 1 local connection

Choose the model based on (1) the number of servers in your rack or lab and (2) the number of remote users required.  In case you are wondering, remote and local users can use the LX II – LED at the same time!

When you purchase the LX II – LED, you get all the features and benefits of two great Raritan products together in a single 1U unit.  More than we can describe in this blog!

For more information on the Dominion LX II Switch features, click here.

For more information on the T1700-LED Console Drawer features, click here.

If you need economical local and remote access to computer and networking equipment, check out the Dominion LX II – LED.

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