Dominion KX III User Station

Dominion KX III User Station


The Dominion® KX III User Station is a standalone appliance for high performance IP access to servers connected to Dominion® KX III switches. It can sit on a desk, be mounted in a standard 19” rack, or VESA-mounted on the back of a monitor. Deploy it using standard Cat5 cabling and Ethernet/IP technology. Simultaneously access, view, and control multiple servers, spread across single or dual monitors.

The User Station can replace outdated analog matrix switches, replace/supplement expensive, inflexible broadcast systems or be deployed anywhere hassle-free IP access is needed. It’s perfect for broadcast labs, studios, control rooms, offices, and data centers.

High Performance

  • Powerful Intel-based platform
  • Two 1080p streaming video sessions at 30 FPS with 50 miliseconds of latency
  • Sub-second switching with the DKX3-808 model
  • Supports VGA, DVI, HDMI & DisplayPort video
  • Self-contained, low maintenance appliance

Productive User Interface

  • Supports single or dual monitors.
  • 8 or more simultaneous IP connections
  • Flexible window manager
  • Full Screen mode (with hidden toolbar)
  • Favorites and hot-key switching
  • Virtual media and USB audio

Easy to Deploy

  • Flexible dual LAN or WAN access
  • Use corporate and/or separate LAN
  • Connects with inexpensive Cat5 cabling
  • Access hundreds of servers and devices
  • PC/Laptop access also available
  • Desktop, rack & VESA mountable

How Does It Work?

User Station Ports and Connections


Dominion KX III User Station

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