Residual Current Monitoring

Residual Current Monitoring

Advanced alerting of leakage current conditions to protect workers and equipment

Residual and Leakage Current is a critical condition impacting the data center. In order to avoid dangerous situations for the personnel and the equipment, it is key to monitor leakage current coming from the IT equipment.

Raritan PDUs are the perfect tool to achieve granular Residual Current Monitoring and capture eventual leakage current at an early stage before it presents a risk of electrocution and fire.

Raritan RCM modules inside intelligent PDUs are compliant with IEC 62020 and tested for optimal accuracy.

Here are the 3 levels of RCM options you can choose from to equip your Raritan PDUs:

RCM Type A

RCM Type A: - Detects AC leakage and is rated down to 6mA (IEC62020) leakage current across all lines(1Ph or 3Ph PDUs): Build-to-order option: - “M5”.


RCM Type B

RCM Type B Single Channel: - Single Channel detection of AC and DC leakage current (IEC62020 range: 15mA to 300mA) across all lines (1Ph or 3Ph PDUs): Build-to-order option: - “M11”.

RCM Type B Three Channel: - Three channel detection of AC and DC leak¬age current (IEC62020 range: 15mA to 300mA). Detection on each line (3Ph PDUs). Requires specific chassis with option: -”M18”


Embedded Neutral Current Monitoring Sensor

On Every Unit Equipped with RCM Type B sensor. Allows for granular Neutral Current Monitoring, allowing to verify if the phases are well balanced (Neutral equal to 0 in optimal case)

Patented Self-Test Function

Raritan RCM embed an automatic self-test function to avoid the need for an electrician to test the RCM accuracy and detection

Customizable Alarms

RCM Alerts can be configured through Xerus Firmware and be sent to a dedicated maintenance contact for quick intervention through Email, SMS and SNMP trap

Configurable RCM Thresholds

Raritan RCM Thresholds can be configured manually for optimal efficiency of management and early detection of critical RCM conditions

Additional Features

Flush Mount Sensor

Raritan RCM is perfectly integrated into the PDU chassis and does not stick out in a “dog-house”, facilitating mounting and optimizing airflow

Raritan RCM Technical Specification

IEC 62020 Classifications


IEC 62020 Clause


  Method of Operation


Dependent on line voltage.  The RCM only functions if line voltage is present.

  Type of Installation


All Raritan products with flexible line cords and plugs are for mobile installation and corded connection

  Current Paths


All 1-phase Raritan PDUs contain two current paths RCM.
All 3-phase 3W+PE are three current paths RCM.
All 3-phase 4W+PE are four current paths RCM.

  Ability to adjust residual operating current


Adjustable residual operating current.

  Adjustable time delay


Non- adjustable time-delay

  Protection against external influence


Enclosed-type RCM

  Method of Mounting


Panel board type RCM

  Method of Connection


Not associated with mechanical mounting

  Connection of load conductors


Monitored line is directly connected

  Fault indicating means


Visual, with other output signal

  Ability to directly discriminate


Directionally non-discriminating.

  Rated Voltage

PDU nameplate rating (UL-60950-1)

  Rated Insulation Voltage

As specified in UL-60950-1

  Rated Current


PDU nameplate rating (UL-60950-1)

  Rated residual operating current


0.5A Type A.
  .3A Type B

  Rated residual non-operating current



  Rated frequency



  Residual currents with direct current components


Type A and Type B

Raritan RCM Technical Specification

  Operating characteristics according to IEC62020

Type A or Type B

  Rated frequency

42 to 2000Hz

  Measuring Range

0mA to 1.0A

  Measurement Accuracy

0 to 15%

  Rated residual operating current

Type A: 6mA to 500mA (default 30mA)
Type B: 15mA to 300mA

  Rated residual non-operating current

50% of residual operating current set point

  Response time

< 10s (typically 2s)


Alarm asserts at values >= operating current.
De-asserts at values <= 75% operating current

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