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Industry’s First IP KVM Switch with 1080P HD Video Streaming

Posted on February 7, 2014

“In the past, expensive and inflexible systems were the only solutions available for applications that require remote viewing of HD video and audio.  You had to go to the equipment in order to access it,” said Richard Dominach, Senior Product Manager at Raritan.  “The KX III uniquely provides remote IP access to both general server administration and dynamic applications that use video and audio.  As a result, productivity improves.”

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PDUs & Cables help identify and manage power feeds

Posted on October 31, 2013

“Our customers, especially those with data centers using high-density server racks, were asking for color PDUs because it was becoming difficult for them to see how their entire power chain fits together,” said David Wood, Raritan’s Director of Power Management Solutions.  “Color provides a quick and simple visual identification.  A color-coded system, for example, can help to quickly identify a PDU’s function and power path while dramatically simplifying troubleshooting.”

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Raritan iPDUS first certified by UL for new safety standard

Posted on December 20, 2012

“IEC 62368-1 overturned the traditional safety specification thinking of setting or modifying standards after an accident has occurred, and redefined the safety design principle of information and multimedia products.  UL has fully participated in the development of IEC 62368-1 for a very long time, and has actively helped many companies to understand the transformation that will be brought by the new standards.  Raritan, as an innovator in the data center space for almost three decades, has a wealth of experience in creating new technologies and has had a front-row seat to witness the incredible transformation of data centers and the convergence of all types of technologies.  We congratulate Raritan for becoming the first data center rack power product to pass UL certification and receive the certificate,” said Ralph Tang, General Manager of UL Taiwan.

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Industry First Wi-Fi Solution at Gartner Conference

Posted on December 3, 2012

“Our new Wi-Fi solution is designed to provide more flexibility and ease in deploying energy-monitoring iPDUs and sensors in racks, so that data centers can take advantage of DCIM capabilities to optimize data center performance,” said David Wood, Director - Power Business Unit, Raritan.  “An instrumented data center delivers detailed performance, utilization and energy consumption information—as well as clear visibility to all data center assets along with their connectivity and system status.  As a result, managers can be more efficient in their use of energy, space, equipment and human resources.”

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High-Voltage Intelligent Rack PDUs for High Density Needs

Posted on June 19, 2012

“Our intelligent power distribution approach combined with our large portfolio of high-voltage iPDUs, provide an easy and safe way to distribute high power to racks, while lowering energy consumption and TCO,” says Herman Chan, Raritan Vice President of Product Management.  “We’ve expanded our iPDU portfolio to offer configurations up to 44kW, supporting the high-power requirements of high-density blade racks and data center-class network switches.  Our intelligent platform enables reliable power delivery and smart monitoring of power, energy, temperature, humidity, airflow, and pressure—all with an easy to use web interface.”

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