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PX Intelligent Rack PDUs

PDU - Rack Power Distribution Units

The PX series reliably and efficiently distributes power to the devices in your cabinets.  It can meter at the inlet, outlet, and PDU circuit breaker level, and cycle power to your outlets remotely. There are hundreds of off-the-shelf models, we can engineer-to-order, and can ship select PDUs in three weeks or less. 


TEST energy efficient latching relays

Energy Efficient Latching Relays

Consume 67% less energy, produce less heat, and can be configured to return to pre-outage state instantly. Available on PX-5000 series models.

intelligent rack pdus

See Power Feeds in Color

Full color rack Power Distribution Units are available in ten colors. Color lowers the risk of human error and makes it easier to identify power feeds, and perform troubleshooting, to minimize downtime.

kwh metering

Billing-Grade Accuracy

Accurate kWh metering allows you to measure actual energy usage for customer or department charge-back billing, establishing baselines, and analyzing the effect of initiatives.

USB Ports

Five Features, One Port

The PX series comes equipped with USB ports to support Wi-Fi networking, iPDU to PDU cascading, webcams, quick setup, and at-the-rack display.

Locking Outlets

Cords Stay In, Servers Stay Up

Ensure that IEC power cords don’t accidentally come unplugged from servers when technicians are working on racks with SecureLock.

Environmental Sensors

Optimize Your Environment

Optional plug-and-play environment sensors allow you to monitor temperature, humidity, airflow, and other environmental conditions.

Additional Features

Accurate Rack Metering

Check power on iPDUs, lines, circuit breakers, and individual outlets to make informed capacity planning decisions. Billing grade accuracy within 1% lets you use resources efficiently.

High Power, High Heat

Several 400V three-phase high power models supporting up to 55kW per rack power distribution unit. Plus 140°F threshold for high-heat environments such as hot aisle containment and blade racks.

Circuit Breaker Monitoring

Monitor voltage and current of breakers within the power distribution unit to understand status (open or closed) and real-time loads. Improve uptime and capacity planning.

Field-Replaceable Controller

Flush-mount controller with intuitive push buttons, industrial-grade reliability, configurable firmware, and hot-swap capability. Available on PX 3 models.

Receive Advanced Alerts

Receive alerts via SNMP, email, and syslog when predefined thresholds are crossed for both power and environmental events. Prevent downtime.

High-Res Color Display

Highest resolution color display in the industry at 220 x 176. LCD display changes orientation automatically so you can easily check power readings.

Compact iPDU Design

A precise, compact design makes the PX line ideal for racks that are already at full capacity. Up to 36% smaller than competitors' intelligent power distribution units.

Secure and Encrypted

Directory services support advanced authorization options, including: LDAP/S, RADIUS and Active Directory®. 256-bit AES encryption and strong passwords.

Sampling and Buffering

Choose the frequency at which you monitor power and the amount of data to gather to see real-time power capacity and trends over time.

Terminal Block Accessible

Dramatically reduce your CAPEX spend on your next data center buildout! Safely wire the power distribution unit terminal block directly to an existing power whip or conduit.

Easy Power Cord Dressing

Special V2 three-phase models with sequenced line pairs of outlets simplify load balancing and dramatically improve power cord dressing & airflow.

Hundred of Models

The PX series boasts more than 600 models with electrical configurations to meet every data center requirement you have today and into the future.

Four Intelligent Rack Power Distribution Unit Families



Outlet Metering

Inlet Metering

Circuit Breaker Metering









DCIM Brings It All Together


DCIM helps make the most of your iPDU and environment sensor investment. A single dashboard can offer real-time power loads, trends, and capacity forecasts. You can automatically plot temperature points and calculates savings from safely raising temperatures. And, understand the cost of power with real-time PUE gauges that help drive efficiency initiatives.

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