Raritan Partners

Colocation Partners

Through our multifaceted Raritan COLO Collaboration, we offer three partnership programs (The Referral Program, The Sales Agent Program and The Reseller Program), providing unique opportunities for co-location providers. We offer commissions for Raritan purchases and offer variable reseller discounts, supply marketing and sales support to help generate leads, and provide a dedicated account manager to each partner. For more information on any of these programs, contact Colo@raritan.com

Looking to host your computer equipment in a Co-location Facility? Our many COLO partners offer space to accommodate your technology needs. To explore your options, click on a logo below.

Data Foundry

(888) 839-2794  |  Website


(877) 843-7627  |  Website


(866) 437-4518  |  Website


(206) 281-8700  |  Website

Sentinel Data Centers

(212) 398-3700  |  Website


(702) 444-4111  |  Website


(802) 922-9492  |  Website