Raritan PX Intelligent PDUs: Making your Data Center Power More Reliable

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The core of any successful data center management team is uptime and service availability. Data centers need an infrastructure hardware that can guarantee the highest levels of service continuity throughout their entire life cycle. This is imperative as the cost of a power outage is on the rise, according to the latest data center report that “the average total cost per minute of an unplanned outage increased from $5,617 in 2010 to $8,851 to 2016”. It’s critical for data center managers to put in place processes and procedures related to their infrastructure in order to prevent potential outages causing downtime. They not only need to be alerted right away when anything out of the ordinary occurs but also enable a quicker recovery when the worst case happens.

Since intelligent PDUs are the closest point of contact with IT equipment, they play a pivotal part in managing these infrastructure processes and procedures. Amongst these intelligent PDUs, Raritan iPDUs are one of the most reliable devices, as they are tested and deployed within some of the world’s largest data centers. The PX iPDUs provide the most advanced features to empower concerned users by supplying reliable power to the rack while reducing downtime.

In terms of reliable power, not all features are equal. Some key elements that impact your ability to guarantee uptime are:

Prevent Downtime and Increase Data Insights:

  • PDU Reliability by Design: At Raritan, we take design very seriously, and with 30 years of data center expertise, we know the importance of reliability. Every unit produced is tested 100% for safety and reliability through a stringent manufacturing process.  Raritan’s 3D CAD design methodology yields PDUs over 35% shallower than comparable competitive products. The highest attention to detail goes into the assembly and packaging process, providing consistent benefits. Once the PX is deployed in your environment, you can be sure that it will maintain top performance for years to come. The PX PDU also includes a dust proof aluminum chassis with no vent holes and upscale input cable parts to protect against strain and premature wear. The premium assembly of quality parts guarantees the highest functioning capacity within harsh environments (up to 60 degrees Celsius), protecting your PDU circuits longer.
  • Metering Standards and Accuracy: In order to prevent outages in your data center, the first step is to make sure that you can effectively and accurately monitor real data. You don’t want to be alerted for no valid reason; this is why the PX has been certified at +/-1% metering accuracy with all types of real time loads at all metering points. With PX 5000 Series, a discrete, billing-grade energy meter chip is dedicated to each outlet receptacle and provides extremely precise kWh info for all receptacles. This sophisticated metering architecture provides you with a clearer picture, at all levels (Inlet and Circuit breaker/Branch circuit as a standard, and outlet level on select models).
  • Prevent Human Error: Reducing human error is a major step in achieving 100% uptime. The PX is equipped with a full-color display making it crystal clear to identify power feeds and plug the right equipment into the right side. On select PX models, a special wiring architecture passively alternates PDU phases to facilitate cord dressing. The phases are printed directly on the chassis, clearly identifying which phase a given outlet belongs to.
  • Exploit Power Data Insights:  Allowing the user to confidently plug the proper equipment into the rack, Raritan PDUs advanced power management capabilities provide a clear visibility on available power per phase, down to each outlet. Used in combination with Power IQ DCIM software failover reports, PX users are able to configure specific traps and automation rules.
  • Maintain Connectivity at All Time: Raritan PX with the advance iX7 controller now includes a built-in failover power capability called Power Sharing. This exclusive feature will allow two PDU controllers deployed in a rack to be connected with a standard cat 5 cable and actively power each other at all times, in addition to the PDU feed. If a PDU loses power, it is possible to maintain full connectivity to the “lost” PDU controller, be alerted right away, and also still be able to remotely access your sensors and any other cascaded devices.

Responsive by Real Time Alerts:

  • Xerus Technology Platform Rule Based Alerting:  Raritan PX contains multiple sensing points all across its chassis, and each sensing point can be configured with customized rules and thresholds. With advanced alerting and threshold intelligence, Xerus machine can be facilitated to machine intelligence protocols for easy deduplication. It will also be able to transfer alerts to any BMS or DCIM software.  In addition to distributing power, the onboard computer associates all metering points as sensors. This means that everything that your PX senses, can be used as warnings and alerts.
  • Granular Environmental Monitoring: Leveraging Xerus outside of your PX chassis is also possible with the full set of plug and play environmental sensors, which you can monitor the same way as your PDU sensing points and power data. With Raritan PX you get a plug and play sensor bus, which powers a wide variety of sensors in order to monitor any environmental conditions into your data center. There is no need for specific configurations since the sensor’s parameters are pre-integrated within Xerus firmware. By measuring temperature and humidity at the rack level, you can leverage sensors to clearly identify cooling inefficiencies, hot spots, or airflow recirculation in your IT equipment, which ultimately risk downtime. The PX follows the latest ASHRAE 90.4 guidelines to ensure each sensor is integrated directly with the Xerus technology platform’s advanced alerting and threshold intelligence to multiply your monitoring efficiency. All sensors directly plug into your PX, making cascading an option to outfit entire rows or even suite of your data center quickly.
  • Monitor Human Behavior with Advanced Access Automation: Improve your staff productivity by defining user profiles and establishing work schedules, allowing specific cabinets to open at specific times. Combined with Raritan asset management, you can precisely direct what IT equipment is accessed and limit human error causing downtime. Raritan PX will allow you to comply with regulations like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and PCI by managing physical access to specific data appliances. This is done by linking a plug and play intelligent door lock and card readers to the rack. This external feature will allow you to control and authorize access. It also will allow you to open and close specific rack doors remotely and on demand from the User Interface or DCIM software like Power IQ. In addition, your PX will be able to trigger facial capture and sustain your data base when suspicious behavior occurs. When combining door lock with a USB camera and proximity sensors, you can trigger alerts when unwanted individuals access your critical infrastructure. You can also remotely monitor current work status and work order completion.

Faster Remediation in Case of an Outage, Improve MTTR:

  • Standard Hot Swappable Controller: Every piece of hardware, especially within extreme functioning environments, is subject to failure. The PX controller impressive failure rate in a harsh environment (long exposure to heat and humidity) is only 0.000006%, substantially lower than the standard average. To guarantee field efficiency, our customers asked us to develop a hot swappable architecture for the PX controller, which is the reason we patented a structure protecting inside circuits of the PX. The structure allows users to replace a controller for any reason, without cutting power to the PDU and interrupting service. When competitive solutions have loose screws and no under-circuit protection, Raritan developed a secure enclosure, eliminating the risk of small parts falling inside the PDU during service.
  • Bi-State Hybrid Latching Relays:  In the PX 5000 Series, every outlet receptacle connects to UL-listed baseboards. They are rated for high-current with reliable relays for optional remote outlet switching, which are certified for 10,000 cycles. PX Intelligent PDUs with outlet switching consume less energy, protect against in-rush currents, and hold the critical power load, even in the event of catastrophic failure. Operators will be able to implement granular recovery protocols and configure a last known state or a sequential reboot for every outlet separately, thus protecting from inrush current risks and improving service recovery.

Since uptime and accessibility are essential for any thriving data center, a facility setup that guarantees optimal service continuity throughout an entire life cycle is necessary. Data center managers should create systems specific to their infrastructure to avert probable outages that cause downtime. Intelligent PDUs provide a key role in managing infrastructure methodology since they have the most access to IT equipment. Raritan iPDUs rank as one of the most dependable devices of their kind and are verified and implemented in some of the most notable data centers in the world. Raritan’s PX iPDUs offer dependable power to the rack, diminish downtime, and provide responsive real-time alerts. Since downtime is problematic for any effective facility, it is always a good idea to ensure your data center will provide you with the reliability to sustain. To discover more on how iPDUs can make your data center more reliable, check out our eBook Reliable PDUs Lead to Reliable Data Centers.”

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What Are the Top Concerns for Data Center Managers?

Posted on May 22, 2018 by Gento  |  Comments (4)

Top Four Concerns for Data Center Managers
Preparedness is often the first step for resolving potential challenges and devising solutions. As such, in order to properly prepare for the future of data centers, it is important to first understand the top concerns for data center managers.

1. Climate Change. -- In a recent 2018 study, more than 50 percent of participating organizations were concerned about the potential for climate change disruptions to existing data centers. Throughout the globe, organizations need to take into consideration the potentially negative impacts of rising temperatures, growing floodplains, and an increase in violent storms. All three types of climate change coincide with the increase in region-wide disasters. In order to prepare for this potential challenge, data centers need to include disaster and emergency planning efforts into the broader business continuity plans for the entire organization.

2. Data Center Infrastructure Security Threats. -- Due to the nature of the sensitive business and personal information that they hold, data centers need to remain vigilant for potential infrastructure security threats. Recent studies show that these attacks are more frequently being conducted on an IP-basis. As such, organizations need to effectively control how machines are connected to their data centers. Through private networks, a limited number of access points, and stringent monitoring systems, data centers can remain prepared to effectively combat infrastructure security threats.

3. Emerging Edge Computing Capacity. -- Edge computing is set to be one of the emerging technologies that disrupt the data center sector. This type of technology is a direct response for the need to process data closer to where it is generated, consumed, integrated, and computed. As with any emerging data center technology, the concern for many managers lies in security and data sovereignty. However, as organizations require access to data at the "edge," these solutions will continue to be implemented for a variety of purposes. From "store and forward," to data consolidation and backup, self-contained micro-modular data centers will play a key role in deploying a viable solution for edge computing.

4. DCIM Strategies. -- Data center complexity is on the rise. As a response to this increased complexity, the requirements for control, management, and visibility from DCIM software has also grown. Fortunately, DCIM products have recently matured to now offer rich, scalable, and stable management solutions to increase the forecasting, agility, and efficiencies of data centers. While it is still an under-deployed technology, it is expected that as it continues to mature, so too will it become a more widely adopted solution. The challenge for data center managers will be creating and implementing the operational changes needed to support DCIM software.

The Bottom Line: Be Prepared for Upcoming Challenges
Climate change, data center infrastructure security threats, edge computing, and DCIM strategies are all concerning areas for data center managers. As these emerging technologies continue to be adopted, data centers will need to take a proactive approach. Through a state of preparedness, data centers can more readily adopt the technologies needed to meet the growing needs of organizations. Finally, with the right knowledge and preparation, data centers can continue to grow and evolve as they adopt new technologies, address the concerns of data center managers, and meet the evolving needs of organizations.

Find out how Raritan can help solve your power data center concerns. Visit our website here

Why Easy to Use PDUs will Help Your Data Center

Posted on May 17, 2018 by Gento  |  Comments (4)

With the rapid expansion of data centers creating highly complex IT infrastructures, it’s becoming more important than ever to find ways to increase the efficiency of day-to day operations.  One of the most practical ways to achieve improved efficiency is through devices that are easy to use and easy to deploy.

Cost Savings with Micro Data Centers

Posted on May 4, 2018 by Gento  |  Comments (2)

Major changes in data centers operations have historically involved the location of data processing. At one time, this function was moved off-site to mainframes, but the advent of microcomputers, now known as desktops or PCs, brought data processing back to the customer’s own data center. Cloud servers and collocated data centers resulted in data processing being performed off-site once again.

Today, some organizations are using micro data centers to process data on their own premises. This solution can provide performance improvements that justify the initial expense of a data center and has the potential to gain wide acceptance in the near future.

5 Reasons to Prioritize Rack-Level Management Now

Posted on April 25, 2018 by Gento  |  Comments (17)

If you’re an IT leader, you’ve probably made significant investments in data center management over the past few years. That’s because the success of the organization you serve depends heavily on the technical and economic performance of your data center. So the more digital your organization becomes, the smarter you have to be about how you manage your data center infrastructure.

Chances are, though, that you’ve focused on aggregate management of your data center as a whole. That’s good – but it will only get you so far. To fully optimize the value your business derives from its data center capex and opex, you must aggressively pursue operational excellence at the rack level.

What is an intelligent PDU?

Posted on April 25, 2018 by Gento  |  Comments (16)

An Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (iPDU) is a networked power distribution unit that increases the efficiencies of data centers with real-time remote power monitoring, environmental monitoring, and data center infrastructure integration. Intelligent rack PDUs deliver technologies which enables a smarter IT infrastructure so you can stay ahead of problems before they occur. They help achieve the ultimate goal of any data center manager, maintaining uptime while reducing cost.

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