Dominion® SX

Dominion® SX

Secure Serial Console Server

The SX is no longer available.  See Raritan's Next Generation Serial Console Server, the Dominion® SX II.

The Raritan Dominion SX serial console servers enable IT and networking professionals to access, monitor, and control all of their serial devices securely, anytime, from anywhere. They support a wide range of servers, routers, switches, and IT devices and are a cost-effective solution to increase security, reduce network downtime, and lower administration costs.

They are ideal for mobile operators, data centers, and branch offices that need remote out-of-band administration of Linux & UNIX servers, network equipment, security appliances, rack PDUs, and mobile/cellular infrastructure.


Remote Out-Of-Band Administration

Local and remote management of serial devices (SSH, Telnet, or Raritan’s Serial Client), allowing admins command line access to troubleshoot, reconfigure, restore, reboot and power cycle network devices and servers from anywhere, even if the network is down.

Supports All IT Equipment

Networking & security equipment: routers, Ethernet switches, firewalls. WAN equipment: ISDN terminal adapters, channel banks, CSU/DSUs, PBX/PABXs and WDM. Servers and headless servers: Solaris™, HP-UX, UNIX®, Linux®,IBM® AIX® and Windows Server™ 2003.

Models to Fit All Applications

4, 8, 16, 32, or 48 ports. Raritan offers an array of models that are hardware independent, have a 1U form factor, and support high availability through single and dual feed AC and DC power, dual LAN and built-in modem options.

Single Pane of Glass

When used with Raritan’s CC-SG, can scale to hundreds of users and thousands of devices, switch power equipment on or off with a single click, and connect via a single IP address to manage the SX or its connected devices.

Additional Features

Smart Automatic Failover

Supports single and dual feed AC and DC power, dual Ethernet LAN options, and internal modem options to ensure you have alternate access to your servers even at the worst of times.

Strong Security

Ensure against attacks w/ 128-bit SSL, RC4, AES, and 3DES encryption options. Integrates w/ LDAP, RADIUS and AD, SSL security certificates, data logging, event monitoring and full CLI access.

Total Power Management

Raritan SX has Command-line interface power control support for Raritan Power Strips, offers comprehensive SNMP traps, and provides Syslog support for easy management.

Highest Port Density

Multiple hardware models provide access from 4 to 48 ports, the highest port density in the market for a 1U rack unit.

Event Management Built-in

Proactive event notifications help you react, troubleshoot, and optimize networks before the worst happens.

Economical, Full-Featured

Yet supports advanced features such as direct port access, console logging, copy/paste and port triggers.

Direct Port Access

Convenient direct port access to individual SX connected devices is available via SSH, Telnet, and HTTP. This quick and flexible access is available using individual IP addresses, unique TCP ports, or HTTP URLs.

Port and Session Logging

The Dominion SX supports logging of both user input and serial device output to a Network File System (NFS) server. This can be encrypted and is available even when the user is not connected to the device.

Port Keywords (Triggers)

SX users can create port keywords, which triggers a message, if received from a serial device. Messages can be sent via email, SNMP trap and logged in the NFS port log.

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All Dominion SX Models

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