PX Intelligent Rack PDUs

PDU Metering at the Inlet, Outlet, and Branch Circuits

Rack PDU metering is one of the fundamental features that sets intelligent PDUs apart from basic PDUs. It allows data centers to monitor power in real-time to avoid downtime brought on by overloaded circuits, and to efficiently utilize power resources. Raritan intelligent rack PDUs offer multi-level metering options. Learn the advantages of metering at the inlet, outlet, and rack PDU branch circuit levels.

Metering at the Inlet

Metering at the inlet helps users to determine power usage and available capacity at the rack, which in turn, makes it easier to provision equipment. By metering at the inlet-level, users can avoid overloading circuits, and more easily calculate efficiency metrics like Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

Metering at the Outlet

Like metered inlet PDUs, outlet-metered models help users to determine power usage and available capacity at the rack.

Most importantly, outlet-level metering allows users to understand power consumption at the device or server-level in order to identify ghost servers, find underutilized servers, and allocate costs to specific business units or customers. It also allows data center managers to compare the efficiencies of IT.

Metering at the Rack PDU Branch Circuit

Metering at the Rack PDU branch circuit provides an early warning if a circuit is becoming heavily loaded and runs the risk of tripping. Typically users receive an alert based on a pre-existing threshold that informs them when power demands need to be reduced.

Branch circuit metering is important because it allows users to add new devices to the cabinet or rack without having to worry about tripping the circuit breaker. It is particularly important when dealing with high-power consumption devices such as blade servers, because higher draws create an even greater chance of tripping a breaker and experiencing unplanned downtime.

Circuit Breaker Monitoring in the Rack PDU

Monitoring the circuit breaker allows users to know when and where a circuit breaker trips so that it can quickly be reset.

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