New iX7™ PDU Controller


The Most Advanced PDU Controller Ever Built

The latest PX intelligent PDU controller, the iX7™ brings PX3 models even more compute power, and additional ports and applications to help you manage your data center operation more efficiently and at lower costs.

Integrated in existing PX3 intelligent PDU models at no extra costs, the iX7 controller will ensure more reliability to your network and connectivity, a whole new level in access control capabilities, along with a future-proof design architecture built to last.

Xerus™ Technology Platform

Empowering your PX intelligent PDU, Xerus™ is a state-of-the-art technology platform, leveraging both a proprietary firmware stack, and a physical circuit layer board, owned by Raritan.

Xerus Technology Platform future-proofs your PX intelligent PDU with the most powerful embedded compute, along with a battle-tested firmware counting millions of hours of uptime across all Raritan power products.

With Xerus open firmware architecture, you will be able to leverage your PX capabilities in all programming languages and scripting methods to develop your own data center applications!

iX7™ Dual Networking

Dual Network Access

The new iX7 controller allows you to connect to your PX from two distinct networks, you can determine user access and permissions and configure both net works separately.

You can give access to your colocation provider, any third party, or use it as a network backup!

Standard Gigabit Ethernet

Future proofing your PDU connectivity, the iX7 controller features both Fast and Gigabit Ethernet ports.

USB and Ethernet Mix and Match Cascading

Choose the best way to daisy chain up to 8 PDUs using one of the two USB ports of the iX7 controller. Or leverage the Gigabit Ethernet port for cascading and the free USB ports for other applications!

You can mix and match USB and Ethernet connections, and even include other PX and EMX products as part of the daisy chain.

iX7™ Power Share

The iX7 Controller powers a second controller linked through the expansion port with standard Cat5 cable, in the case of a feed power-loss on either A or B side.

With Power Share, your PX will alert you right away of the power outage, displaying a critical red screen and forwarding preconfigured traps and emails for quick remediation.

Power Share will also maintain your visibility into downstream daisy chained PDUs, along with full access to connected sensors.


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