DCIM Custom Reports

These reports can be used in conjunction with your Raritan DCIM software tools. 

  • Click on the Sample Report file to view a Draft Copy
  • Click on the File Name to download the report and customize. 
  • Make sure you copy these objects into your own linked access databases or create table links in the db files.
  • To request a new Customer Report Type* contact:  tech@raritan.com


Capacity Planning Reports

dcTrack Capacity “POD” Planner

Use a custom field named “POD” on all Objects (cabinets, rack PDU’s, and devices) to assign each to a group in dcTrack. This defined grouping will be used to calculate, with general guidelines, the required capacity to duplicate the “POD” in your datacenter by a selected multiplier. In other words, the form will tell you the additional sq ft, required breaker info, required additional budgeted KW, and an additional cooling requirement that is needed in your datacenter in order to add X additional “PODS” to your datacenter.

To use this file, you must first have defined a custom field named “POD” (this can be changed if the user desired) to all items in your database and define this value for all applicable cabinets, rack PDU's, and devices, and then, in the attached Access database file:

1. Enter the IP address of your dcTrack database in the link tool.
2. Open the form named “dcTrack capacity planner” and enter the required info.

Download: dcTrack_Capacity_Planner.zip (67.7KB) / MS Access (MDB) 

Sample: Capacity_Planner.png (25KB)

dcTrack Cabinet Utilization by Site

This report counts available cabinet RU’s grouped by site. It adds each cabinet’s used RU and subtracts this number from the cabinet’s total RU height giving a total available RU per cabinet and per site. First enter your dcTrack database IP address to link to your dcTrack data and then open the “rptCabinetUtilization” report.

Download: CabinetUtilizationBySite.mdb (392KB) / MS Access (MDB) 

 dcTrack Data Connections

This query/report is similar to the “All connections in cabinet” report from the classic view but this runs over the OBDC connection where fields can be added or removed to suit your preference. The query lists all connections per cabinet per site. The report groups the data by site and then by the cabinet. Open the MDB file and first enter your dcTrack IP address and click the button to link to dcTrack table. Then the report and query can be displayed with data. These objects can also be copied into your own Access report library.

Download: Data-Connections.mdb (868KB) / MS Access (MDB) 

Customer Billing Reports

Power IQ Daily Billing 

Uses CustomField1 of rack PDU's to sum the rack PDU internal KWH readings across a user-selected Customer name and month/year. The report displays this sum of KWH readings for the customer for each day of the selected month. The Access database includes a database linking form where the IP address of the PowerIQ database is entered thus linking the PowerIQ tables, a form “frmCustomer_Power” where the customer name and month can be selected, as well as a report “Customer_KWH_1” which displays the KWH data for the customer. Note: These KWH values are the counter values at the end of each day, not the usage for the 24 hour period.

To use this file, you must first have defined the Customer Name in your Rack PDU’s “CustomField1” field and then in the attached MDB:

1. Enter the IP address of the PowerIQ database and press Link to PowerIQ. 
2. Open the Form “frmCustomer_Power” and select a customer name and a month/year. 
3. Press “Preview Report” and the “Customer_KWH_1” Report will open displaying the requested data.

Download: PowerIQ_DU_Daily_KWH_By_Customer.zip (3.8MB) / MS Access (MDB)

Samples: Customer_KWH_1.pdf (206KB) / Link_Tool.png (20.4KB) / Selection_Form.png (14.0KB)

dcTrack Device Cost by Division

Groups your datacenter items by Division or Department summing purchase price across each division/department. Additional attributes include Item Name, Room name, Make, Model, Serial Number, Purchase Date, Purchase Price.  ACCDB file contains 1 query and 1 report.

Download: dctrack_Device_Price_By_Division.accdb (59.6MB) / MS Access 2007 Format

Sample: Device_Price_By_Division.pdf (45.6KB)

General Reports

Power IQ Circuit Breaker Monthly Rollup

This report uses the Circuit breaker monthly rollup data to display max, min, and average circuit breaker data grouped by rack.

Download: CircuitBreakerMonthlyRollup.mdb (15.5MB) / MS Access (MDB)

Example: CircuitBreakerMonthlyRollup.pdf (35.6KB) / PDF

ODBC Custom Report

This series of reports provides information on device / outlet readings, one each for raw data, daily rollups, hourly rollups, and monthly rollups. The default is set to retrieve power data for device names containing “blade”.


Note: There may be some setup required depending on which Postgres driver the customer is using. The IP address on each connection in the DATA tab in the top ribbon of excel will need to be changed. Set the excel file to pull new data upon open, or use the “refresh” button to pull new data from the server.

Download: PIQ_Reports_devices.xlsx (18.9KB) / MS Excel (XLSX)