White Paper: Datacenters of the Future

Datacenters of the Future: A Shifting Landscape from the Core to the Edge

preview-datacenters-of-the-future-whitepaperMost new datacenters operate at optimal availability and with infrastructural energy efficiency close to theoretical design targets. As such, it might be argued that the two biggest challenges of data center technology in the past 30 years have been addressed.

But despite this progress, the pace of change in the data center industry will continue and is likely to accelerate over the next decade and beyond. This will be spurred by increasing demand for digital services, as well as the need to embrace new technologies and innovation while mitigating future disruption. At the same time, there will also be a requirement to meet increasingly stringent business parameters and service levels.

This paper examines these forces of change and disruption over the next decade, makes predictions about new datacenter types and specific use cases, and finally suggests ways to future-proof existing datacenters against disruption and to capitalize on innovation.

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