KVM and Serial Console Server Trade-In Offer

Trade in your EOL Paragon for the latest KVM technology

You trusted Raritan’s Paragon in your data center for many years, now see how our KX III will offer the same reliability and even more functionality.


Dominion KX III: The KX III will continue to be enhanced over time as there are engineering resources continually innovating and developing the solution.

Paragon II: Many vendor’s KVM switches are being discontinued or under supported. The Paragon II which was a solid solution for over a decade, has paved the way for updated technology with more functionality. We stopped selling this solution since 2017.


Dominion KX III: Supports VGA, DVI, HDMI & DisplayPort video

Paragon II: Only supports VGA video


Dominion KX III: Unlimited distances via IP

Paragon II: 1,000 feet distance limitation

Virtual Media

Dominion KX III: Remotely install software, transfer files, back up data and boot OS

Paragon II: Not available


Dominion KX III: Digital audio available over USB

Paragon II: Not available

User Station

Dominion KX III: Connects to multiple switches over IP

Paragon II: Only connects to one UMT

User Station Connections

Dominion KX III: Simultaneously connect to 8+ servers across dual monitors

Paragon II: Only connects to one server at a time on a single monitor

IP Access

Dominion KX III: IP access via PC/laptop freely available

Paragon II: Requires additional hardware


Dominion KX III: Easy to add switches and user stations

Paragon II: Complex tiering and stacking

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