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Dominion KSX II Firmware Update - Release 2.3

Richard Dominach
February 21, 2011

The Dominion KSX II combo KVM/IP and secure console server has been upgraded to include all KX II Release 2.3 features, except tiering/cascading.  This includes FIPS 140-2 encryption, Smart Card/CAC and other security features, making it ideal for government, military and other security conscious customers.

The KSX II supports 4 or 8 “true serial” connections for remote/branch office deployments, as well as racks requiring both KVM and serial connections.  A “true serial” connection gives secure console access over IP without the use of an expensive dongle.   In addition,  third party SSH clients can be used in addition to Raritan’s Serial Client with features such as logging, cut and paste, and secure chat.


If you have branch offices or racks with serially and KVM controlled devices then the Dominion KSX II can give you anytime/anywhere KVM and serial remote access.