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Change Management

Posted on January 3, 2009 by Minder Singh  |  Comment (0)

Managing change in the data center can be painful. But relief is at hand.

Manage moves, adds and changes in your data center easily and efficiently with Raritan’s DCIM solution.

It’s no secret that data center operations are more complex than ever. There’s a constant stream of devices being added, removed, repurposed and reassigned at any given moment. This means data center operators are always dealing with questions like:

  • How do I manage a multitude of moves, adds and changes?
  • Who does the work?
  • How will I know when the work is done?
  • More importantly, how will I know if it’s done correctly?

And until now, it’s been challenging and cumbersome to quickly answer these important questions.

dcTrack® provides these answers and more. It was created from the ground up by data center professionals to allow you to better manage change by optimizing your current operations, assets and infrastructure. The dcTrack solution is vendor agnostic and easily connects to third party ticketing systems.

Once deployed, our change management solution can help you:

  • Maintain best practices and improve operational efficiencies 
  • Enable data center users to generate change requests 
  • Send status email notifications automatically throughout all stages of the change process
  • Maintain a complete history of requests and work orders for compliance 
  • Automate device moves using built-in intelligence tools 

This software solution provides you with powerful and intelligent tools for workflow automation, so you can:

  • Improve the accuracy of asset databases
  • Improve the productivity of operations staff
  • Know the status of work orders
  • Minimize surprises
  • Save time and money
  • Improve quality of services, SLAs and provide a professional approach to data center operations

You can’t avoid change. But you can avoid some of the hassles that go with it. See for yourself by requesting more information on our dcTrack solution now.

See it live. 

Schedule an Online Demo

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