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Raritan Knows Power

We took 25 years of embedded computing expertise and re-invented the rack PDU. See for yourself why some of the world’s largest data centers entrust Raritan to power their mission critical equipment.

Explore Raritan Power Features

The Power of Color

Easily identify the feeds coming into your PDU. With Raritan’s unique industrial design, the chassis can be colored based on specific data center requirements.

Choose a color:

Download 5 Great Reasons To Use Colored Rack PDU


Set It and Forget It

With SecureLock™ outlets and power cords (IEC C13, C14, C19 and C20), you’ll know your power cords can’t be accidentally unplugged, vibrate loose, or get bumped out of your iPDUs.

Learn More About SecureLock

A Magical USB Port

We never could have imagined the possibilities from one little dinky common USB port. Listening to our customers made it all possible.


No more network drops? No problem. With USB WiFi, Raritan iPDU’s can be networked without wires. Save copper, Save costs, Be green.

Quick Setup

Using ordinary USB sticks, configure hundreds of PDU’s in minutes, not days. Save big on initial deployment time and costs.


Easily cascade multiple PDU’s in a rack. Save IP drops, Save Ethernet ports, Save patch ports, Save big money.


With built in support for USB cameras, remotely keep an eye on the rack or take a snapshot when rack doors open.


Mini, Air, or IPad2, the choice is yours. Raritan’s magical USB port works with them all, providing at the rack display of all critical data.

Sense It All

The age old adage is true, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

See trends, get alerts, improve data center availability, and save energy. With a broad array of sensors that connect to your Raritan iPDU, you can be the master of your data center domain.

Download the Sensor eBook

Maintain Optimal Temperature

Monitor inlet temperatures at top, middle, and bottom of your racks. Get notified of hot spots and save energy & costs from overcooling.

Manage Your Humidity

Maintain proper humidity levels for your mission critical IT equipment and avoid ESD problems. Image – icon for humidity.

Even Out Air Pressure

Copy – Monitor differential pressure, maximize under-floor static pressure and ensure optimal airflow to the cold aisles where it is needed.

Air Pressure
Detect Water Leaks

Detect and get immediate notification for water leaks around mission critical IT cabinets. Address issues before they become big problems.

Monitor the Airflow

100, 300, 500, 700 cfm. Whatever flows you’re managing to, see it in real time. Save time and improve productivity.

Air Flow
Secure Your Cabinets

Trigger events such as taking a picture with a webcam when a cabinet door is opened or connect third party smoke sensors.

Contact Closure

When It Comes to Metering, We’ve Got You Covered

The most metering available from the industry leader of Intelligent Rack PDUs.

Learn More About Raritan Intelligent PDUs


At the input, at individual outlets, circuit breakers, and metering the different phases on three-phase iPDUs.


Voltage, amperage, kilowatts, kilowatt-hours, power factor


+/- 1% billing-grade accuracy

Security That Lets You Sleep At Night

To ensure maximum security, all data, connections, and user logins are protected through secure protocols and encryption algorithms to meet government, military, and IT security mandates.

Size Matters

We use 3D modeling tools to design our iPDU so you won’t have to redesign your rack. More space and clearance to access and service the back of your racks so you can quickly replace cards and power supplies to get your servers back online fast.

Other Brands

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Knowledge is Power

To maximize your Intelligent Rack PDU and Environment Sensor investment, choose Raritan DCIM’s configurable dashboard to see real-time power loads, trends, and capacity forecasts. Built in psychrometric chart plots temperature points and calculates savings from increasing temperature set points. Billing reports help understand the cost of power and real-time PUE gauges let you see and compare data center efficiency.

See how DCIM Monitoring can help you


More Information

Are you ready to harness the power of Raritan in your next data center project? Find out how we can set you up for success.

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