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MasterConsole® Z

MasterConsole Z is a space-saving, flexible KVM solution that allows one user to access and manage up to 64 (PS/2, USB, Sun) servers through a daisy-chain of computer interface modules (MZCIMs), each of which is connected to a target server.

It is ideal for Small to Medium-Sized Server Rooms and Data Centers where space is at a premium or system admins working outside the server room up to 150 feet away.


Daisy-Chain for Expansion

Allows one user to access and manage up to 64 servers through a User Station (MZUST) connected to a daisy-chain of interface modules (MZCIMs), one plugged into each target device.

CAT-5 Connections

Use industry standard UTP with Small Computer Interface Modules (MZCIMs), connected to the keyboard, video and mouse ports of each server to transmit signals to a User Station.

Compatible with All Servers and PCs

MZCIMs are compatible with PS/2, USB and Sun server interfaces simplifying connectivity without incurring the additional cost of converters.

Space Saving Design

MasterConsole Z, replaces the traditional KVM switch box and requires only a small desktop user station, eliminating the need to take up rack space.

Additional Features

Keyboard/Mouse Emulation

Provides fail-safe, keep-alive, computer access in any scenario.

Password Authentication

Supports password-based authentication to protect access to servers

User-Defined Port Names

Targets can be labeled with device names for easier server selection through the OSD.

Automatic Video Tuning (AVT)

Adjusts video quality automatically and supports a video resolution up to 1600 x 1200 @ 75Hz.

Intuitive On-Screen Display (OSD)

Provides plug-and-play installation, auto-configuration, and easy-to-use on-screen displays

More Information

System Components

The MasterConsole Z system consists of three basic components:

1. User Station (MZUST) – enables a user console (keyboard, video and mouse) to access and control up to 64 servers via simple, on-screen user interface.

2. Computer Interface Modules (MZCIMs) – innovative cables that connect directly to the keyboard, video and mouse ports of target servers via PS/2, USB or SUN interfaces to provide failsafe server access using Raritan's keyboard/mouse emulation technology. MZCIMs are linked (chained) one to the next with a single Cat5e UTP cable; the first MZCIM in the chain is linked to the User Station via Cat5e UTP cable. The same cable chain can accommodate PS/2, Sun and USB-connected servers.

3. Terminator (TER-ZCIM) - terminates the daisy-chain of MZCIMs.

Topology Diagram

master console z diagram

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